Andrea Witt (andrea_witt) wrote in wstlke_dorms,
Andrea Witt

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Phone Call to Nathan

A Beatles song was plaing in the background. Andy picked up the phone and dialed Nate's number. As soon as it finished ringing and she knew he wasn't picking up, she left a message.

"Hey, Nate? PICK UP THE FUCKIN' PHONE, BITCH. I know you'll get this message 'cause you're answering machine works, I checked, and ten dollars says you're sitting on your ass listening to it as I'm saying it. Don't blow me off again, that's really shitty, and I think maybe I miss your company. Call me back, or I'll fucking hunt you down, sweetie. K, thanks, bye."


OOC: I think they should be friends, they seem like they're into the same kinda stuff. ^^
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