anna banana (anna_watson) wrote in wstlke_dorms,
anna banana

anna & mercedes hang out

::Anna sat in her dormroom listening to her favorite Counting Croews CD on her Denon stereo. She flipped through the pages of last month's Vogue while waiting for Mercedes to come back from hanging out with Santiago. She looked at her vintage gold Rolex. She should be back any minute.. The two of them had barely seen each other since they moved in together, and Anna really needed a girl friend. She looked up and saw the door to the room open..::
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::Mercedes stepped into her room and seen Anna reading a magazine::

"Hey Anna!"
::Anna looked up and saw Mercedes walk in.::

"Hi! What's up?"
"Not about your self?"

::Mercedes walked into throwing her Prada bag on the floor and sitting on her bed::

((sorry it took me so ong to reply...i was away all weekend))
"Eh.. recovering."

::She laughed, but Anna was still pretty emotional from the Robby/Chloe fiasco.::
::Mercedes laid back on her bed::

"So you going to homecoming?"
"I guess so. It's senior year for me and everything, but it's not really my thing."

::She sighed.::

"Are you?"
"Well I didn't get to go last year...and I would love t go this year. But I dont know of any guys who would want to go with me...I think Santiago scares them all away."
::She laughed lightly.::

"I'll talk to him. He needs to let a guy talk to you!"
::Mercedes smiled::

"I dono if he would listen...he is so anal."
::She smiled.::

"Aww.. he's looking out for you, but I'm sure he'll loosen up."
"I hope so! But it seems as if there are no single guys around here."
::She nodded.::

"Yeah, Perry and Robby are spoken for."

::She slightly grimaced at Robby's name.::
::Mercedes shut her eyes::

"Guys are such a pain..."